L'amore sparkles
When friends aren’t friends.

Okay, so the past few weeks I have been finding out quite a few things that a friend has been saying about me behind my back. And not only that but, she has been saying things that would totally upset her if people had said them about her. For example, I sing and write songs and play multiple instruments and it has always been extremely important to me. She also sings and writes songs and I think she is wonderful at it but she gets upset because alot of people put her down about it. Recently I found out that she had been bad mouthing me about my singing for a couple of months which upset me because I have never said anything bad about her singing at all because she is good at it and I know it means alot to her. I have no idea why she would do it to me if she doesn’t like when people do it to her. I don’t know what’s going on. Doesn’t seem very fair to me. Oh well.